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Changing the Background Color

This tutorial teaches you how to change the background color of your scene.

Below is an interactive demo, and the result of this tutorial.

1) Minimal Setup#

First, get set up. You can do this one of two ways, locally or by using glitch.

a) Basic Setup Create a project locally in your favorite IDE

b) Basic Setup on Glitch follow the link and click 'remix to edit' at the top right of the screen to modify this project.

To learn more about how to set up your environment, view the Getting Started guide.

2) Change the background color#

Replace main.js from the Basic Setup Template and see the color change.

export function main() {  const { GLRenderer, Scene, Color } = window.zeaEngine  const renderer = new GLRenderer(document.getElementById('canvas'))  const scene = new Scene()  scene.setupGrid(10.0, 10)  renderer.setScene(scene)
  /*      Change the Background color  */  const color = new Color('#7460e1') // this is equivalent to: new Color(116/255, 96/255, 225/255)  // get the settings of the scene.  const settings = scene.getSettings()  // get the "BackgroundColor" parameter and set the value to our color.  settings.getParameter('BackgroundColor').setValue(color)}

Construct a new color value using a hex color code to specify the value of the color. He color codes are simple string values that encode colors. You can read more about them here


You can now change a setting of the scene!

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