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Zea Engine is a web-based 3D rendering solution designed from the ground up for CAD and professional graphics, which provides the best in class power, speed and reach for the next generation of web applications. A 3D JavaScript library for innovative manufacturers and industry 4.0 supporters who need to build web applications.

  • Power Designed with the highest requirements in mind, giving developers a suite of tools to address the toughest challenges in modern professional graphics app development. Zea Engine pushes the limits of what a developer can achieve in the browser by focusing on power and performance.

  • Versatility No single solution can solve all problems out of the box. Therefore, the Zea Engine uses a modular architecture that enables developers to integrate new functionalities. Zea keeps the essential features in the core while allowing powerful extensions to be built, either by Zea, to expand the engine's scope, or by third parties who wish to develop specific solutions.

  • Reach Applications that leverage the web browser are already available on all modern devices. These web applications provide a friction-free and straightforward way to deliver content without requiring users to install a player. Zea Engine is designed for the web and enables new categories of high performance and versatile web applications.